“ColdFeet” a sensation of being speechless, mysterious confusion but instead we want you to have the pleasure of “ColdFeet” for doing something good for mankind. Imagine a situation where you feel so proud to be a part of helping mankind and you exhilarate your happiness in silence where no word describes the comfort of a kind hearted succor.

“The ColdFeet Foundation Nepal”, we are an independent non – profit private organization. We are a group of strong activist, a comrade in arm, a brother to the ones in need. Our agenda is to create a state of mutual trust amongst everyone and support every soul possible who is in our need and share the warmth of human geniality.

For all its discerning travelers, this tiny Himalayan Shangri-La of Nepal has a lot to offer. Any pious and spiritual hearts can get mesmerized by its awe and magnificence. Exemplary hospitality of Nepali people and their ever welcoming smiles never fail to win the hearts of people who visit the country. Magnificent temples, intricate art and architectures, historical monuments, warm culture, and natural splendors are some of the things that make Nepal one of the most popular and charismatic travel destinations for tourists. Exceptionally rich scenic beauty and cultural heritages are the major highlights of this nation.

Butthe other side of the coin is what very few people are concerned about. Despite having this matchless natural beauty and deeply spiritual milieu, this nation has been undergoing turbulent political and socio-economic instability, leaving a large number of populations below the poverty line. This bitter and hard co-reality has touched the hearts of many. As a result, the organizations like The Coldfeet Foundation took birth and led helping hearts from around the corners of the world to contribute personally to ameliorate the situation. The Coldfeet Foundation aims to establish and implement sustainable health, education and community development programs in the isolated communities of Nepal. We conduct multitude of programs which is mix of travel and volunteering. The Coldfeet Foundation provides you customized volunteering programs that will enable you to make an important contribution to the people.

It is evident that volunteering in Nepal has never been easy to carry out. To make it systematic, organized, and valuable, The Coldfeet Foundation has prepared a number of volunteering options that best meet the actual need of both the volunteers and project affected communities. Please feel free to contact us today for further information about our unique placements or visit us to see how a trip to Nepal could be a trip of lifetime with the team ColdFeet. Opportunities to lend a helping hand are endless whether it be sponsoring a child, volunteering in a village communities or funding a project. With The Coldfeet Foundation, your support reaches the most remote and isolated corners of this Himalayan nation and goes directly for the contribution to construct, renovate, and refurbish educational capacity building, financial empowerment, and other infrastructure development campaigns. Join us and become a part of The Coldfeet Foundation—a genuinely compassionate social organization. Without you, all our endeavors are futile. Let’s walk together in the walk of selfless services for the needy. Yes, it’s very much possible to make change—the change that will expel misery out of this planet and make it better place to live in.

Vision, Agenda & Mission

How would the world be if everyone lived in midst of social comfort and acceptance, where people would project kind essence that preceded every time it’s required? We are a gregarious bunch of activist who wishes to forge a radiant ambience comprising socio-economical aspects through mutual cooperation between everyone.

Volunteer in Nepal

Our main objective is to help local communities all around Nepal organizing various sorts of projects targeting different groups of people based on their needs. We also act as a medium for other organization all over the world to be part of helping Nepal, where both parties coordinate to carry out various campaigns in Nepal. Such as disaster relief program, educational aid programs for children, team building activities, etc.

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