Acting like a catalyst of social transformation, The Cold Feet Foundation aims to bridge the void between needy rural communities and discerning hearts who are always there to help the people in need. Being so closely related to the local community, we strongly feel that we should be the catalyst of this transformation. Otherwise, who else will be? It’s now that we should actively get involvedin the social transformation activities.

We feel so lucky that we’ve always been supported and encouraged by some of really great-hearted people from around the globe. Here’s MihaitaLupu, all the way from Romania, the pioneer of Nepal EduCaB (Educational Capacity Building in Rural Nepal) project. Ever since we got to know him, he is the one who is more than ready to make things happen. MihaitaLupu and CRIDL (The Romanian Centre for Innovation in Local Development) are our international partners,who’re always there to collaborate with The Coldfeet Foundation in the design and implementation of EduCaB project in rural Nepal. While we are doing our best to design andimplement our projects, there’s always the need of people and organizations whose objectives are in line with us. The ColdfeetFoundatoin is in search of some reliable and action-oriented people and organizations who are interested to work in Nepal for our kind of projects. We always be grateful to the volunteers who have largely contributed for the uplifting the community we are living in.