In the next five years, the goals of The Foundation are:

The rebuilding of the following two schools in Nawalparasi District (a) 45 pupils at an estimated cost US$50,000, (b) 75 pupils at an estimated cost US$60,000.

With Stichting 112Nepal and EDUCAB the continued construction of rural school libraries.

The continued provision of medical and dental care and education in rural areas at an estimated annual cost of US$2,500. The Foundation is looking to supply a third and fourth set of dental and medical equipment at an estimated cost of US$60,000 for two dental/medical teams to expand this service into two other rural areas at an estimated 5-year cost of US$25,000.

The development of sanitation and clean water supplies in schools. The next school is in the Nawalparasi District and involves the necessary facilities for 920 pupils at an estimated cost of US$30,000.

The “Back Pack Project” involves 360 pupils and presently runs at an annual cost of US$10,000 or approximately US$28/pupil. The Foundation would like to expand the number of pupils covered to 700 at an estimated cost of US$19,600/year to yield a five- year cost of US$98,000.

The annual cost of a selected college or university student depends upon the course of study selected but typically lies in the range of US$2,000-5,500. Because the foundation searches the length of Nepal, the financial needs of the programme are far greater than the funds presently available. The five-year goal is the funding of a second series of students with one to be chosen every year resulting in an total estimated cost of US$60,000.

Expansion of the Volunteer Programme from school construction and teaching English to computer literacy.

Total Estimated Funds to be Spent 2020 to 2025                US$383,000